TAROT READING WITH K—video-conference

TAROT READING WITH K—video-conference

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1-1 Tarot for Empowerment Reading with K

What you need for a tarot reading:
an open heart & mind, a journal, water, tissues. Find a comfy, private space to video-chat. Notify other members of your home that this session must not be interrupted.

What to expect: Looking closely at a challenge, opportunity, or intention by expanding your perception of it & then focusing on practical methods of navigating it in your mind, body, spirit, and everyday life. Sessions range from 45-75 minutes.

For video chat readings you must have access to Instagram video chat, Facebook video chat, or ZOOM.

Tarot sessions are a non-refundable commitment. Cancellations must be rescheduled within a 48-hour window. 

Please feel free to email magick.buffalo@gmail.com with any questions.