STAGES OF GRIEF—tumbled stone set

STAGES OF GRIEF—tumbled stone set

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Denial- Petrified Wood: Diminishing fear based thoughts & embracing shadow.
Anger- Labradorite: Transferring energy in an appropriate, productive, and healthy way.
Bargaining- Blue Apatite: Truth Seeing & Logical thought processes
Depression- Rose Quartz: Radical Self Love and Comfort.
Acceptance- Amethyst: Awakening to the higher purpose of your loved ones life. Embracing your loved one as an Ancestor.

A client (and amazing friend) came in yesterday looking to support someone after a death in the family. The medicine in her request was that we need support for those who are traversing mortality and assume a leadership roll of caring for those who are nearing their departure on this plane.

Together we curated this tumbled stone set to support this leader through her journey of the stages of grief. (bottom to top in photo)